Finding Inspiration For A Short Film

If you’re a film maker, or simply an actor with some free time and an interest in broadening your skill set, consider producing your own short film from scratch. You don’t need any fancy equipment, and you don’t even have to produce anything particularly amazing, you just need plenty of motivation to learn and develop.

Since getting started with a fresh idea can be the most difficult part of the process, here are our top tips for finding inspiration when you’re thinking about a project like this.

  • Read and watch as much as possible so you can get excited about the art of storytelling and start thinking about what you’d like to create. Books, plays, TV shows and movies can all be equally inspiring.
  • Talking about your ideas with close friends and family can be hugely beneficial. You might find that just a few prompts are all you need to start openly discussing your ideas and finding the missing pieces of the puzzle.
  • Try to make a habit of keeping notes every day. Before you go to bed, write down any ideas that are currently forming in your mind. If you haven’t got anything good, write down something you think is a bad idea. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources.
  • Don’t shut yourself away to be creative, because this is somewhat contradictory. Get outside and experience the real world to feed your mind and absorb new sources of future inspiration.
  • Look at something in more detail to find a hidden story. You can start by examining an everyday object and finding meaning hidden beneath the surface.
  • Ask people about their stories and life experiences. Often the most impressive fiction will be inspired by a real story.
  • Create contrast with your characters by putting opposing archetypes against each other in a difficult situation. To get an idea of how contrasting viewpoints can oppose each other, try arguing about topics with your friends or others.
  • Try rewriting a classic story and re-telling it in a completely new way with an added layer of depth and meaning. Some of the most famous stories and films are actually based on the same starting point.

Courses, Classes and Tips To Improve Your Acting Skills

If you want to improve your personal skills when it comes to acting, whether it’s theatre drama you’re interested in, screen acting or any other specialism, there are plenty of different things you can try to gain experience, knowledge and qualifications. Not only can you choose to tackle a range of different course formats at various institutions in the UK, but there are many less formal things you can do besides in order to build up your skills. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

Take a one-year or two-year course. Many full time courses offer everything you need to gradually develop your talent over a year or more. Film drama courses and film acting classes in London are particularly popular, though they are competitive. Despite that, a full-time, intensive course may be the best way for you to get all the background knowledge and one-on-one tutoring you need to become a trained actor.

Take a crash course. Alternatively, if you aren’t able or ready to commit to a full time educational option but you want to learn the essential basics fast, a crash course might be enough for you. Often these may be around one week long, giving you a solid introduction to the theory behind acting for TV or theatre, as well as a great chance to practice. Continue reading Courses, Classes and Tips To Improve Your Acting Skills

Why Superhero Movies Are Still Exploding In Popularity

If you look at the most popular movies released so far this year, and certainly the ones with the biggest marketing budgets, you might notice a trend. In fact, this isn’t much of a new development. In the past five years or so, superhero movies seem to have rapidly accelerated in terms of popularity and the rate that they’re being launched. But what’s happening here?

One thing’s for sure: comic book characters are firmly back in fashion, including many that never really cracked the mainstream until recently. The likes of Deadpool and Harley Quinn would have been barely known a couple of years ago for audiences who only know their comic book heroes and villains through big screen adaptations. Now they’re both set to be two of the most popular Halloween costumes of 2016, and their images (at least, those of their newest incarnations played by Ryan Reynolds and Margot Robbie respectively) have quickly risen to iconic status.

Perhaps some of this can be put down to nostalgia for comic books – simpler times, when entertainment was in the form of paper books (remember books?) and couldn’t be streamed over the internet. If you paid for a subscription, you had to wait at least a whole week for someone to literally deliver your next instalment to your door – a foreign concept to anyone raised on the likes of Hulu, Netflix and online piracy. So maybe not so much nostalgia, since most of the audience for these movies never got the memo about these characters the first time round. Then what? Continue reading Why Superhero Movies Are Still Exploding In Popularity