Courses, Classes and Tips To Improve Your Acting Skills

If you want to improve your personal skills when it comes to acting, whether it’s theatre drama you’re interested in, screen acting or any other specialism, there are plenty of different things you can try to gain experience, knowledge and qualifications. Not only can you choose to tackle a range of different course formats at various institutions in the UK, but there are many less formal things you can do besides in order to build up your skills. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

Take a one-year or two-year course. Many full time courses offer everything you need to gradually develop your talent over a year or more. Film drama courses and film acting classes in London are particularly popular, though they are competitive. Despite that, a full-time, intensive course may be the best way for you to get all the background knowledge and one-on-one tutoring you need to become a trained actor.

Take a crash course. Alternatively, if you aren’t able or ready to commit to a full time educational option but you want to learn the essential basics fast, a crash course might be enough for you. Often these may be around one week long, giving you a solid introduction to the theory behind acting for TV or theatre, as well as a great chance to practice.

Read, read, read. The more knowledge you can gain in your free time, the better. This should include reading classic plays and scripts, but also non-fiction about the theory of acting. Perhaps most importantly, you should study the industry you’re hoping to get into in detail. This will help prepare you for your future career, and teaching yourself can be highly efficient.

Gain experience locally. Many people are tempted to immediately run away to the big city in search of acting experience, just like characters from many TV shows or plays might have done. Unfortunately, this really makes the process a lot more difficult and competitive. If you’re really talented, you should be able to start small and conquer your local theatre scene a lot more easily once you’ve started from the bottom and gained experience the old fashioned way.

Don’t expect miracles. Our last piece of crucial advice to any budding actor is to not be surprised when rejections come your way, or things don’t work out perfectly every time. For every person that finds a particular job, dozens, hundreds or even thousands get rejected. When competition is this tough, casting directors can afford to be extremely picky. They might think you’re extremely talented, but someone might have something you just couldn’t match. Eventually, you’ll be that perfect candidate, but it will take a lot of hard work, so prepare yourself now!

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