The best schools for screen acting in the UK

screen acting

Screen acting is not as visible and popular in the UK compared to stage acting. So it can be difficult to find a screen acting course when you want to get started. To help you with your research we’ve listed the following screen acting courses in the UK.

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

The school specifically targets experienced actors who want to improve their skills on-screen acting. There are a variety of courses including acting in television, film or a similar media. The school is located in Swiss Cottage London. Furthermore, the classes are very practical and allow for students to interact with other professionals including tutors, professional actors and film directors. Many students who have gone through the courses were able to participate in short films, and some were even able to start up their own production companies.

Robert McKee’s Story Seminar

Robert Seminar is a three-day intensive course that targets aspiring screenwriters. Although the course is specific for screenwriters, many well-known actors have known to have gone through the course as it’s proven useful for their acting careers. Famous actors including Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore have known to have taken the short course. McKee’s class is currently located in London, Regent Park.

National Youth Theatre

The theatre is perfect for young aspiring screen actors who want to start their training. They are open to anyone from the age of 15 up to 25 years old. As it’s a beginner course, there isn’t any audition required to get started. The course provides you with the necessary techniques and personalised feedback to help you improve further.

University of Chichester

The University of Chichester recently opened a degree course for Acting in Films. The course includes a variety of training that is essential for acting in front of a camera. They also include various technical skills with working on a camera and essential information in the film industry. It’s mixed with practical and non-practical courses.