Theatre lightning for school productions

stage light

Setting up a school production is a big task. There are so many things that create a successful set including the stage set up, music list and stage lighting. One of the most crucial parts is getting the lighting right. This part can make a big difference to any performance whether its musical, comedy or drama. To help you set up the best lighting, we’ve got some useful tips below.

Lighting Equipment

Before getting started with setting up your lighting plan, it’s crucial to learn more about the current lighting equipment that’s already in place. Find out what each device can do and if they are still intact. Once you know how to use the equipment, you will then be able to plan out the perfect lighting setup for the performance. If you find that some device is not working, you may then look into a better replacement.

Light Patterns

You can also add lighting accessories including pattern attachments to create different kinds of patterns through your lighting. There are plenty of shapes that you can incorporate to match with your upcoming show. Shapes including animal patterns and even weather shapes.

Different Colours

Different light colours will be useful for setting various kinds of moods during the play. You can use dark colours and bright colours to portray the mood you’re looking to present. If you’re looking for a cheaper option for lighting colours, you can buy different coloured filters for your current lighting.

Add Special Effects

There are various systems that you can add as a special effect with your lighting. For instance, you can incorporate a bubble system and even a fog machine with your lightings to create different effects. There are even movement tools that you can use for moving your lights around the stage.