Hello, and welcome to Beyond Imagining! My name is David Harvey, by day I’m a business writer by night I escape into the universe of theatre and silver screen.

I rediscovered my affection for theatre in 2005 and have been going up to four times each week from that point forward. I’ll observe mainly anything from something performed on a phase the extent of a service tray in a town lobby toward the West End and past.

Then there are films. I like most movies despite the fact that I do see more outside and independent films nowadays. That said regardless I adore a popcorn motion picture. I’m a Twilight fan, a Harry Potter fan, a Hunger Games fan and a LOTR’s fan.

Well, I adore reading surveys and interviews yet naturally after I’ve seen a play or film. I get a kick out of the chance to experience things directly, and these scribblings are truly about those encounters. I will, apparently, signal up on the off chance that I think I may give something without end about the plot so as not to ruin others satisfaction. If it’s Hamlet, however, I will most likely expect individuals know the story.

Hamlet is my most loved Shakespeare. I incline toward Ibsen to Chekhov, in spite of the fact that I hold on with the last mentioned, and Ben Whishaw is my most loved on-screen character and is potentially stalking me. Conceivably.

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