Tips for auditioning for musical theatres

The first process of entering a musical theatre is through auditioning. We all know how daunting and exciting the experience can be. All the judges will have their eyes set on you, so it’s important you plan and prepare for a successful audition. So we’ve come up with the following list below with some tips and tricks you can use for your final preparations.

Research about the role

The first step is to find out what the judges are looking for in an audition. All auditions have different rules or require a particular theme or act. Be sure you have a clear idea of this. Otherwise, you won’t even pass the first stage. Due to the audition being a theatrical music audition, we already know that they require the main ingredients. These elements involve dancing, singing and acting.

Choose the best materials that go well with your talent

When you know the requirements for the audition, you can then find the equipment you need. The material you pick must go strongly with your talents. For instance, the audition requires an upbeat song. So find a song that you already know and be sure it is related to the theme. If you are familiar with a song, then you are most likely to perform with comfort. Continue reading Tips for auditioning for musical theatres

10 Ways On How to Be a Good Stage Actor

Have you ever wanted to start acting, or do you just require a few pointers on acting? In any case, making these straightforward strides will enhance you as a performer, and also improve your odds at finding an awesome part!

1. Relax. Incredible artists spend their whole vacations figuring out how to unwind the muscles in their face and body freely. The strain is extremely evident when you are in front of an audience. Your voice will sound thin and faltering, and your developments will be jerky and ugly.


2. Focus your consideration on something in front of an audience. It could be another on-screen character, a prop, and so forth. Keep yourself at the time and never gaze vacantly at anything in particular. It is evident to the group of onlookers if you are dividing out, and it is exceptionally diverting. Keeping at the time empowers you to stay in character and upgrades the trustworthiness of the part and the play itself.


3. Do whatever it takes not to play with your garments or utilize different anxious motions. Simply take a gander at the back of the theater or your center point if you are tense. Investigating the eyes of your kindred performers can console and let you feel not Continue reading 10 Ways On How to Be a Good Stage Actor